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10 months ago

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10 months ago

Oscar winner Jamie Foxx helps rescue driver from vehicle

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) Over the last year, there has been lots of stories on coffee and its pros and cons for health. Now, the consensus is that coffee is the latest super food.

Worldwide, over 400 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year.

A federal advisory committee that helps write the Dietary Guidelines for Americans weighed in on coffee for the first time and concluded that drinking up to five cups a day can be part of a healthy lifestyle.

The group wrote that strong and consistent evidence shows t

10 months ago

Oils Ant Oils Anymore And The Health Benefits Of It Are Questionable!

This news has been around for some time now that imported extra virgin olive oils are 'fakes'! To confirm this claim scientists went shopping at random in supermarkets and purchased some of the best known expensive imported brands of extra virgin olive oils for testing. After the test's they found most of the imported oils are stale, adulterated and fake; they failed to meet international standards for being labeled "extra virgin."

This has been a problem for years!

Food labeling has been an issue for many years. From every perspective there has b

10 months ago

Natural Remedy May Dramatically Transform Sexual Enhancement Market

From testosterone replacement to drugs like Viagra, sexual enhancement is a multibillion-dollar business in the United States.

But Chris Kilham, a 62-year-old from Massachusetts who refers to himself professionally as the medicine hunter, is hoping to introduce a natural, safer alternative that also works for women and could blow the market wide open.

Its called tongkat ali, the root of an exotic tree that grows in the Malaysian rainforest.


11 months ago

20 Ridiculous Reality TV Show Fights

1. Nick Carter vs. Aaron Carter on House of Carters

Best Line: Let me tell you something real quick. You gonna turn the motha fuckin music down real quick. You gonna respect me.

2. Teresa vs. Table vs. Danielle on The Real Housewives New Jersey

Best Line: You prostitution whore. You were fucking engaged 19 times. STUPID BITCH. AKDLSFLKF.

3. God Warrior vs. God vs. Family vs. Other Wife on Trading Spouses

Best Line: GARGOYLES!!!!! PSYCHICS!!!!!!!

4. Tyra Banks vs. Model on ANTM

11 months ago

Top Racing Games Of 2014

I know what you might be thinking right now with considering that console racing games are the only thing being talked about as the top or the best of this year in 2014. This is true; but, their is one particular game in general, and if you want to call it a game or a simulator that is the only racing series game and simulator that features many classes of racing from entry level racing like Legends Cars and Street Stocks to Daytona Prototypes and Formula One cars that make up for the only simulator featured online for the PC.

This simulator racing game is called iRacing, which is a world-wide racing simulator that is a learning simulator from many types of racing experience whether

11 months ago

Whole milk vs. skim: What's best for your diet?

A food fight is shaping up in Washington over what the federal government should -- and shouldn't -- be telling Americans about their diets.

Every five years, the USDA updates its official dietary guidelines to keep up with the latest science on healthy nutrition. The 2015 guidelines are expected to be published by the end of the year, and a draft of the updated recommendations has sparked controversy for clinging to dietary ideas that some experts say are not supported by recent research and may even be counterproductive.

11 months ago

Why Are Custom Cars Popular?

The flames from the silencer of the car burst out, as if the car would fly. The bright red spoiler adds to the glamour of the car. The blue light which throws itself beneath the car entices you to the top and the paint and stickers make you want that car. You probably would have imagined one of the best custom cars, by the time you read these lines. What do you think, why custom cars like these are so popular and people just can't stop making their cars like one of them? Why every time a customized car passes by you, your heart skips a beat? Think about it.

Well, the reason behind the popularity of custom cars can be many. But let us discuss some of the major